Tuesday, July 5, 2011

new winter creations......

I'm loving making these fingerless gloves with the newfound patter, pictured below is a pair I've made as a pressie for my sister-in-law, she loves red and rainbow so these little rainbow beads were perfect to attach.
The green gloves below are also a pressie for my sister

The lovely purple gloves below are a pair I made for myself, I made these ones nice and tight as I love the fitted look it gives them, in a way it reminds me of Kate Middleton's wedding dress where the sleeves were so dainty and fitted, which gave me an idea to make them in very fine crochet cotton and eventually lace just for the fun of it

And below are the red and black gloves all packaged nicely, I have received an order for a pair so I can't wait to also package those nicely when done

And below is a little leather journal that myh aunty gave me as a pressie, it goes with me in my handbag and is my "Crochet ideas Journal" for when I have spontaneous ideas that become my creations!

 I am off to Hobart to watch my cutey pie nephew swim on Thursday and of course shopping is planned while down there, especially for some of that beautiful soybean wool and most likely more gloves!

 I look forward to showing you my yarn purchases when back from Hobart :)


  1. Especially love the blue-green gloves for your sister--so pretty! More yarn? Fun!

  2. So pretty kate, By the look of the temperatures in Hobart they will need them - I bet they will love them :)

  3. Very beautiful, Kate! I love all your new winter creations, especially the green one - pressie for your sister, it looks amazing and charming! Wonderful work!!!
    Great day to you! xxx

  4. A lovely pattern and the green variegated yarn is beautiful. I am sure they were much appreciated :)