Sunday, May 1, 2011

sheep for a nephew

          I was very busy yesterday trying to make the post with a pressie for my little nephew, this crochet sheep!! 

              Isn't he a cutey,and complete with proper eyes too that are child safe!!
Just look at his little face
Here is my latest Etsy  purchase it's a Little Red Riding Hood leather phone case that is on its way to me!! I can't wait for this to arrive in the post sometime soon!!!!

It has now also become a new habit to have Ruby be my new product tester!! she is very careful with my new items I have crocheted and it's great to get her approval and know she is proud of my efforts!!
I think she suits having mrs tiggy winkle as a friend don't you??

The duck was a favourite of hers at easter too!....
I think I mite just use Ruby as a regular feature tester of my products

I am now working on a little Gingerbread man that will go into my etsy store 



  1. I heart that little sheep! Precious.

  2. Too cute Kate. What does Ruby do with the toys??

  3. Oh, your little sheep's face is adorable! And I love your dog as the product tester--wonderful! :-)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies, yes the sheep's face is cute isn't it.
    Ruby doesn't do much with the toys she just looks at them pretty much!! I still value her input though!
    Kate :)

  5. Oh so cute Kate! How I love that sheep! Such a creative idea! Love the little duck too, it must be so strange with your doggie! :)
    Enjoy your beautiful day! x