Tuesday, May 3, 2011

gingerbread man and holly hobby find...................

     Here is my latest creation ready for the Etsy store

You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man!!!

                       The book on the right is the Holly Hobby calendar book I found hidden under a pile of books at the oppie.....

                                                    Arn't all these sweet!                               


  1. Love your gingerbread man, Katey, he's so cute.

    Holly hobby books are a great find, lucky you !!

  2. Thanks Eileen, I must pop over to your blog again and have a look at what's happening!
    Katey xx

  3. Loved Holly Hobby when I was little! And, the gingerbread man is so adorable!

  4. Hi Kate, I received the parcel you sent this morning. I love the brooch. It's big and soft and goes nicely on my coat. You are very kind to send it to me. I'm taking a photo today and will put it on my blog tomorrow. I love your business card too.

  5. So cute. I just discovered your blog and I'm happy for that.