Friday, April 29, 2011

crafting to the royal week.......

Last night while sitting and watching the beautiful wedding I made this little hedgehog

                  Isn't he just gorgeous???  he will star in my etsy shop as a series of beatrix potter mrs tiggy winkle, today I am going to make more in a brown colour.

                      This is the picture in the book, I think it's a pretty good resemblence don't you???

       This is the lovely little family circle book that the pattern was in, I just love this little book, it was another one of my great op shop finds.....

                                      Here you can tickle his tummy as his body is worked in loop but his undertummy is left if plain stitching, so he really does resemble a hedgehog!!!!

     Yesterday a good oppie hunt in Latrobe helped me uncover another Enid Blyton book in perfect condition
                As I was looking at a pile of material in Latrobe Vinnies I came across this beautiful holly hobby in PINK!! I am so excited as I have only ever found this in a blue colour!! I think I am going to make a pink crochet rug and back it with this material.

                     I also had my hair done in Latrobe and LOVE IT, I love the all over colour and foils and posh spice hair cut, it feels 100% SO MUCH BETTER!!

                               Happy weekend of crafting


  1. Nice hair cut Kate, and oh so cute hedgehog, the wedding was beautiful, aren't they the most lovely couple? :)

  2. Yes, the hair cut looks great, very natural looking.

  3. Great haircut and colour Kate.
    Think miss Tiggywinkle is adorable.


  4. Very stylish hair cut and colour Katey, love your little hedgehog too, good find on the books. Well done all round.
    x x x x

  5. Your hair looks fabulous...the cut and color! Va va voom!