Saturday, May 7, 2011

my weekend

I have been working on a new scarf this week with the wool I got on a trip down to Hobart when I stopped in at Ross a few weeks back, here is the finished result which my mum is kindly modelling for me!

it's good to have volunteers to model my items!!!

                      Arn't the colours gorgeous! here it is on my bedcover as last nite it was so cold here in Tassie that I had to sit in bed and crochet, winter can be good for some things!!

                              Here is the stamp on a little cardboard bag from Ross

               Their Merino Wool sure is hard to beat too! my scarf sure has kept me warm all day!!

Here is my new Journal that I bought from Allana ovwer at High Maintenance Hippy in her Etsy store, I am addicted to buying her products at the moment as she is so crafty.

                     Here is a gorgeous little pocket that Allana put in the Journal i bought, it even has a vintage type library card that I can pull out and jot down special things on, I think I'll put my cupcake recipe on it!!

                       I am off to make some of my new jewelry items for my etsy store


  1. mmm I wonder if that means I can loan it every now and then, great colours Kate :) x

  2. Your mum looks very happy to model for you. I like the idea of buying from fellow Tasmanian etsy sellers. If I could organise myself earlier, I could buy some of my presents that way. I don't always get round to making all of them myself.

  3. Lovely colours. Looks like a lovely yarn to work with. x

  4. The scarf is lovely and beautifully modeled. I like your new journal too.

  5. Those colours are so lovely Kate.
    The journal is lovely too.
    Hope your having a great weekend. It's wonderful at the beach but cold!

  6. Love your scarf Kate, great colours too :) I must get to that shop one day :)