Monday, May 9, 2011

vintage finds and handstitiching week......

                      Here I found Tom a vintage Gumby tie!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it I grabbed it straight away!!
                      It has the authentic Gumby trademark too!!!!
                                Finds like these make all that oppie hunting worthwhile!!!

   The belt was from my local Lifeline for $1, I was after a belt for this new vintage dress too!!

            I am back making crochet jewlery too, as much as I love the softies my real love is jewlery and clothing!!
      Allanas trusty coasters that get plenty of use out of them while I'm crafting the hours away
               My new range of jewlery rings on etsy

                   and a handstitched "par avion" air mail felted brooch for sale on etsy

                                Here I'm modelling the brooch, if you want it just pop on over to etsy

   Another new range I've created a crocheted ring and matching bracelet with heart embellishments

               I'm off to do some more handstitching
            Till next post xxx


  1. You are so creative Katey, these are beautiful.

    Tom will certainly get noticed in this very unusual tie, I love it.

    You're dress and belt look very fashionable.

    Look forward to seeing your next creations.

    Love E x

  2. Wow. Lovely crafting and great thrift finds Kate.

  3. Your Gumby tie is a fun find! I love it when I find something that just knocks my socks off! Fun jewelry too! :-)

  4. wooow what finds, what a production line, your etsy shop is sure filling up !
    P.S. love the new doo whata change for you :)

  5. Such cute things....I remember the little gumby guy! The coasters are really cute, as is your crochet always!

  6. The Gumby tie is great. I used to watch him on TV. The little crochet rings are cute.

  7. Thanks so much for all your comments guys :)
    yes we all remember gumby me and my sister loved that show!
    There is more crochet jewlery to come on the next blog!
    Kate x

  8. That is a great find. Who would have thought Gumby would be on a tie! Love it..:))