Monday, May 16, 2011

more creations.....

               here is the yellow crochet beret ready for a market stall, it is also on ebay but if it doesn't sell there it's going on the stall
             I thought that little gorgeous brooch would look cute with it so this is also included with it
                 another slouchy back finished
        and here is a little brooch and bangle set that I have completed for a friend's daughter
             It's called the "rabbit at the fair" set

                            I'm off to keep going with the items for the market...........


  1. What a beautiful beret! All berets and slouchy you made recently look really pretty! I love them all, and the brooch with a pink rabbit on looks so cute! I've never tried puff stitch before, you are inspiring me so much!!!

  2. Lovely beret Kate, and your friends little girl will be so excited, what a lovely gift x

  3. That is such a nice stitch Kate.
    Lucky little girl receiving the brooch.
    Hope your stall goes well

  4. Thanks for all your comments guys, yes it's a nice stitch aunty chris isn't it.
    really appreciate all comments

  5. That's a beautiful beret and I love your brooch and bangle set. You're very creative. xx