Monday, April 18, 2011

new theme etsy store.......

Today I decided that I would focus on my new theme for my etsy store, which is "children's crochet toys", nursery rhymes and amigurumi (the japanese word for knitted toys)

       Fitting with my new etsy store theme I picked up these lovely children's story books at a local 2nd hand bookstore!!
           Who remembers these books with the little 3d picture glued on the front of the books??

To go perfectly with my new theme is "Little Red Riding Hood" as I am working on a crochet riding hood and fox for my store!!

Just look at the cute book with the little dog on the front!!

I couldn't resist this Bambi book, it's in perfect condition too!!

                  I have a real love for "Alice in wonderland" at the moment too! I think Johnny Depp did an amazing job in the movie too which I will watch again soon to relive the magic of the story.

My good Friend also collects Enid Blyton stories,I have posted this here for her (there you go Allana how sweet is this little book!)

I will go and have a cuppa and keep going with my Amigurumi making for my etsy store,
I am very excited as I am off to the Brown Owls craft group tomorrow (before my Red Cross volunteer work in the store) that Allana over at High Maintenance Hippy has wonderfully organised.
        I am really looking forward to many cuppas, craft and chats at a local nursery/gift store where the craft group is held!!!!
                                                        Next time I will let you know how the craft group went

        Till next post xxxx


  1. All sounds and looks great Kate. Good luck

  2. The little books look lovely Kate, love all these little children's stories, brings back happy memories of bygone days. You are one busy lady, hope you enjoyed Brown Owls, good luck with the shop. Love to Tom too. Eileen x x x
    P.S I too prefer this to FB! thanks for all your nice comments Kate, I am struggling a bit but getting there!!

  3. Sounds like you have yourself organised. It does help to focus your energy. Have fun at your craft group :)