Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday picnic lunch at Deloraine......

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and perfect for our picnic at Deloraine by the river, couldn't have asked for a better view :)

Look at Christine's gorgeous vintage picnic case with all the vintage cups and plates and cutlery inside!!!

My cousin and his partner made these little cupcakes for Aunty Christine's Birthday!! how sweet

                        Where would we be without a cuppa and easter egg!!!

                           Look at the view too, here is a pic of the Deloraine Bridge, hard to imagine but when they have floods there the whole park is flooded under water and the water is known to reach the height just under the bridge

      A pic of Christine and I, she is wearing her crochet scarf birthday present off me!!

                             Here is Christine in the "Paris" Apron mum made her

                    here is a shot of the Apex Train, it has been in Deloraine a loong time, I used to climb on it when I was little when we would travel to Deloraine

                       Here is my retro saddle bag that I found at an oppie in Latrobe!! what a bargain, the leather is so soft and I love the way the saddle bag sits when I wear it, just soo comfy     

                                    Till next Post  xx


  1. Thanks for a great day Kate. I love the scarf.

  2. A picnic in beautiful Deloraine sounds nice. I usually only go there for the Craft Fair, and don't they have some good op shops? So I hear from other bloggers.

  3. It was a lovely day Kate, great food too - thanks to Chris and her lovely retro picnic set xx we have to do it more often

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Chris, a sunny day, great company ,food and Deloraine.. So pretty with the weir and that green grass.. couldn't be better :))

  5. Looks like you had the perfect birthday Chris, wishing you many more, I love picnics, something about eating outside, the fresh air and a good appetite, and oh good company.

    You all look beautiful, were you hosting Kate?, nice to treat your mum and auntie.

  6. Hi Kate,

    I have just started a blogspot,and am crawling my way through, managed to put a profile photo on tonight and post comments, so that's progress,

    You have some lovely things on your blog, you seem to have an eye for bargains and your crocheting is very creative, love it all, I'm glad I have joined the blog league, have not had time to look at others yet.

  7. Hi Eileen,
    I am so excited about you joining the blog world too! a very big welcome, I have already popped over to your blog to make a comment :)
    Thanks also to the rest of you ladies for your comments, yes Melinda the op shops sure are great in Deloraine you should check them out one trip :)