Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter....

          The Brown Owls Craft Group was a complete success, us ladies chatting, having hot drinks and scones!!  I decided to sit and crochet my red riding hood while we sat.
    This is the room we had our craft group in, just look at all the lovely pine!

                         Here is my Duck that I made for Easter, he is crocheted and felted.
               He is enjoying my easter cookies that I baked to get in the easter mood.

                            These are my new easter cookie cutters from Spotlight that I used

                              easter cookies in the shape of eggs, bunny ears, and chickens

             Here is a gorgeous little wooden hand painted egg that Tom's mum sent us for easter

                                                         Happy Easter everyone


  1. The craft group sounds great Kate. I used to organize art groups like that when I was young!!! Seem to work too hard these days, but a thought!!
    Happy Easter

  2. Thanks Kate, it was a lovely morning, I wish I had snapped a pic of everyone too!
    I look forward to seeing your little red when she is finished, your duck is so cute :)

  3. Sounds like you were having fun with your craft group. That wooden Easter egg is gorgeous and I wouldn't mind trying some of your cookies...they look scrumptious!

  4. Sounds like a fun time with your craft group! I love craft groups and find that I get a lot done on my projects while I'm there (even with all the fun chatting!) :-)

  5. HI Katey your little duck is cute, the cookies look delicious and the painted egg from Tom's mum is a real keepsake, it's really lovely. Happy Easter to you and Tom, wish I was there to share those cookies !!

  6. I love Easter. No pressure and stress.

  7. How fun! Love the little Duck! Happy Easter, my friend!

  8. Hello Kate, your craft group sounds lovely! You must have lots of fun together and isn't that great! Love your little Duck too, so cute! Hope you a fun filled Easter!!! xo