Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Easter post

Well it has been a nice relaxing easter taking it easy

       Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf are complete and ready to go into the Etsy shop for sale

      Just look at the Cath Kidston look alike bag I found on sale at Target, the weekend was also spent reading Country Magazine which has such great stories and pics in it, there is so much inspiration in this magazine

                                   Next Tom and I felt like making a large lasagne in all this cold weather, there was nothing better than sitting inside crafting and eating good food

    and of course where would we be without easter eggs this weekend! mine and toms egs off my parents!! lucky us!!

           I am off now for a cuppa as more inspiration calls me with a new amigurumi set on alice in wonderland coming up!!!    of course I will also be making some anzac biscuits tomorrow and be watching the telly on the anzac day coverage, as Australians we are all so proud of our anzacs

                                         Till next post


  1. lovely blog Kate, glad you enjoyed your choccy's. :)

  2. Lovely toys Kate. The wolf looks friendly too!!
    Enjoy the choccies.
    We had a beautiful lunch at Alex and Ellies in the garden.
    Chicken lasagne. I have the recipe!!
    Happy Easter

  3. Yes Chris that's what I said you don't want a scary wolf!

  4. You did a great job on Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, they are cute. I'm sure they won't be in your shop very long. nice bag too, the lasagne is my favourite Italian meal, your's and Tom's looks delicious.

    Look forward to seeing your Alice in Woderland.

    Happy Anzac day. x x x

  5. Very cute Red Riding Hood and wolf!

  6. Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf are very cute. Your Easter cookies on the last post look yummy and I love the 'big chick' eggs you got for Easter.

  7. Thankyou for your comments ladies, yes I'm pleased with the riding hood and wolf!
    There is nothing better than baking too and choccy!