Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my first attempt at an original creation........

Here she is all done........

    I decided to make it shorter than originally intended, and then had a go at an original creation with the creamy brown colour at edging of scarf

  My first ever original creation is the edging of this scarf, when working the first row in the browny colour I knew I needed to work a mixture of different sized stitches to create a straight edge in the next row, as there were shells that needed to be worked around. So I did a mixture of double chains, triple chains, and triple treble chains!!!!
 I am indeed very proud that this is my first attempt at a creation, I then decided to add a shell to the bottom as I knew I wanted the creation to be quite feminine and floaty.
   This scarf very much reminds me of a strawberry, which makes me think of good old strawberry shortcake, she was such a childhood fav of mine, because of this the scarf makes me feel all homely and fuzzy when I wear it :)   Do any of you have things that you have created that make you feel like this?????


 I have had this sweet owl fabric for some time, now it has a beautiful use, my mum turned it into this gorgeous cushion!!!  How adorable is it :)    (thanks mum)

                              Little crochet Millicent loves it too!!!

               Here is also another fav cushion at the mo that was picked up by me at a local oppie!
   The little purple bear is also named Kate and belonged to my grandfather's sister Kate who was nicknamed  "Kitty".
I would like to welcome my 43rd follower to Creative World "Crochet lady" at "Crochet Life" wlecome aboard.                
                                                           Till next post ladies xx
This picture was taken from Kim Anderson Images ( I love her photography, I have a couple of her prints)
                                                       hot pics Innocence cute girl jpg


  1. Hi Kate, I love your creative edging on your scarf. I looks fantastic. I like crochet Millicent. She looks like a real character :)

  2. Thanks Val, I'm chuffed with the scarf!
    Millicent is a beauty isn't she, I was going to make her and sell her but didn't have the heart to part with her!!! :)

  3. Great blog Kate! I have also read somewhere that blogger spam detector is awesome and you can do without the word verification. Just a thought.

  4. Love the scarf it is beautiful, and the purple Teddy Kate !!! :) strawberry shortcake is cute!! xxx

  5. Your scarf is an absolute beauty - the edging makes it really special. And I adore that button - it's the perfect finishing touch. Jolly good!!

  6. Love Aunty Kitty's bear Kate. She was the most beautiful Auntie. So kind and always sent us a book or toffees at Christmas.. I remember her sewing me a little dress on her treadle machine. She would love your crochet Kate.

  7. love your new creation. Now, that you know how to do this, you can mix and match all kinds of looks. How fun! And, strawberry shortcake was a favorite of mine too when I was little. i still love her today. Whenever I smell her hair, it takes me back.

  8. Well done on the designing Kate - it sounds like you are having a ball with crochet - and with the added drive of your course starting up, there'll be no stopping you !