Monday, March 14, 2011

loving red.....

  I am loving the colour red at the moment, as you can tell!!
  Here is my latest creation which was inspired by a pile of brand new 'cleckheaton wool' that I found at an oppie brand new!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it, and when I got home left it in my basket of goodies and didn't think any more about it. Now I like to leave the ideas for my wool until I am going to create something that day, as I know that in the past I have planned to make things with certain colours and then I end up going in a totally different direction!!

   Here it is my crochet scarf and flower brooch................

  It is still in the making, I have been saving this "little red riding hood" button for something special!!!

                 here is a close up of the little beauty herself!!!! I can picture her watching over me on the scarf on a cold day!

                          Today also involved sorting buttons....................

   I have had this little tin years, I think I have blogged on it before, but it's just soo sweet how could I not place it here again!!!!

I thought I would also show you a crochet makeup purse that I made a few months back...

                            The lining does make such a difference too! I'm surprised how much I can fit in!
              (I take orders on these too, would only be $ 4.00 postage australia wide and $6.00 postage  international, cost is $6.00 + postage, I would even try my best to find a theme brooch of your choice!!)
  If interested at all email :      
I am thinking of having a purse giveaway what do you ladies think?????

   Here is a close up of the gorg little vintage brooch that I found at a thrift store, it's my traditon to place  a little badge on my creations for free!

                               Isn't it a sweet little brooch too, it has a signature on the back which I am going to research into and let you know how I go!                              
               I would also like to welcome my new followers "mandy" and "Linda"welcome aboard ladies

                                                           Till next post ladies xxxx

       happy crafting :)


  1. Red s such a great colour. A lovely blog Kate!

  2. Nice work Kate the scarf with red riding hood brooch is gorgeous!!!

  3. I saw you became a follower of my blog, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello.

    Red is one of my favorite colors. I have lots of red things in my kitchen and I do wear red once in a while. Really like your scarf and pin with such a cute little button.

  4. Thanks ladies for your comments, red sure is a striking colour isn't it :)
    I'm glad you all love the scarf
    Thanks for commenting
    Kate :)