Thursday, March 17, 2011

A beautiful lunch at the Raspberry Farm,.....

Today my mum and I met with my lovely aunty Christine at the Raspberry Farm which is located 5 minutes from Deloraine in Tasmania.
                                Isn't the scenery just beautiful here......

                                 mmmm yum, my meal of savoury crepes and milkshake......

                              My beautiful Mum and Aunty enjoying lunch

                           We had a good chat and some laughs, and swapped presents too!

        I was lucky to get these pressies off Aunty Chris, I cannot wait to try the french earl grey tea

And of course how would our trip be complete without a trip to the Op shops in Ulverstone and Latrobe!!!!
      Perfect finds to top off a perfect day!!!

           Here is a gorg little sewing basket that I bought as soon as I laid eyes on it!!!! and it has of course been converted as we speak to a Crochet Basket as I can't sew to save myself!!!!

           I couldn't resist this downshot of all the little goodies that now call the basket a home!!!

                 And how could i resist this beautiful pink mohair blanket from an oppie that one of the volunteers themselves had made and just put out priced, waiting for mwa!!!!!!

Here are some gorg buttons from an oppie, they were new in packets, what a find, I found heaps of packets of them!!!! I have plans for these retro buttons already particularly to complement some crochet bags and clutches that will go on sale on ebay.

                     And here is my latest order in the making, here is the inside of the bag where I created a cute little pocket for the customer as I know she has a lot of special things that belong in pockets!!!
 The little button is one I chose especially for her as it looks just like her little dog!! I also decided to give her bag a keychain so she can have a special place for her keys also!!

                       here is the front of the crochet bag with its pretty flower on the front as the buyer wanted pink flowers!!!! Next I just have to stitch it together and post it off to its buyer who I know will be tickled pink with it!!!!!

                                Finally I did some last minute shopping at Dragonfly in Ulverstone where I bought these beautiful bangles for half price, I was able to purchase them from another order I had just filled for a happy customer!!!!    inscribed on them is "Milan", Paris, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and on the hanging heart is the words "home sweet home".

   also today I enrolled in my certificate III in small business and was having a good old chat with the teacher about my small crochet business who can't wait to read all my case studies on when I start handing assignments in, my first class is on Monday in Devonport, am chuffed for it!!!

                Till next post ladies, hope your weekend is gooI am planning a relaxing indoor swim on the weekend, maybe even a spa!! (and of course more crochet!!)


  1. What a great lunch.. People have admired my bag Kate. I love it.
    Wish I could have op shopped too. But work called!!
    I'm planning to buy retro tablecloths for my next project.

  2. Wow I love this post it looks like you had a gorgeous day!!! :) the bag is beautiful thanks so much :) :) those bangles are awesome and that blanket looks so cosy too!! What a great purple colour xx

  3. Hi guys, I'm glad you both like the blog :)
    You both are good customers of mine! the bags sure are popular at the moment arn't they which is great!
    Yes we will definately have to op shop next time, you will just love op shopping with us aunty chris we will teach you all the tricks to finding great bargains! It's just the best fun, me and moira love it too

  4. Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog and for being a follower. I am also following your blog. Hope you have a nice weekend, I am going to go snooping around. :-)

  5. Such a nice post with so much to see. I love the bag, it's so cute. Also, the sewing basket is precious. I would not have been able to resist that one either. And, the them.

  6. What a great day out. That blanket looks so pretty. I love the crochet bag. The pocket is a nice touch.

  7. Lovely day Kate and for us to all catch up after the very busy year with Jen being so sick, although it was a touch sad too that Jen wasn't with us, she would have loved it. xx look forward to another day out with Chris!