Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The funky green bag finished

Ladies here is the green bag as promised :) I am very happy with the finished result, I have an order for one already!!!! the orders are starting to flow lately which I am very pleased with :)

The order is going to be in the same pattern in a deep funky purple colour and pink flowers on it!!

This pic here is it in use as a wool bag with all my granny squares ready toturn into a blanket that will be lined and all, stay tuned for those pics :)

My latest venture at the moment is a small business management course where I will learn to market my products well and design a great website so stay tuned.......

Till next post lovely ladies xxxx


  1. Wow! That was fast. I just left my comment! I looove it. What a fabulous job you did on this. The color is great too.

  2. That is very cool Kate. Saw some similar at a French market.

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks Sena I feel I am picking up pace lately!! I love the colour too, something about bright colours just so lifting :)
    Thanks Aunty Chris, ooh I love the sound of the French markets :)

  4. Cute bag. I love the little flowers on it. Buttons are such a great finishing touch.

  5. Thanks Val, the flowers are a finishing touch arnt they :)
    I just love the effect of buttons too :)
    happy crafting Val

  6. Love the bag. What a wonderful touch the added flowers are. Can't wait to see what you learn from your course and do with a web site. This is exciting! Hope you are feeling better!

  7. I love the bag Kate, I think its a great idea you are doing the course too, how exciting!!
    The purple bag with pink flowers sounds amazing too!!! xxx

  8. Hey Moggy,
    Thanks soo much the bag will look cute :)

  9. Nice work on your bag, Kate, and enjoy your class...wishing you much success!

  10. Hello Kate,
    Sue here from the UK! Greetings to you!
    Thanks for the 0pportunity of visiting you.
    I have been reading your posts you certainly do enjoy your crocheting!
    I am a bird cage fanatic. I have let me think....

    These are three of them.
    I love buying them and crocheting birdies, flowers and butterflies for them.

    I really appreciate your comments on SIBOL, I do hope you wil pop back again. Nice to meet you,
    Love Suex

  11. Hiya Kate, just having a catch-up and loving all your things. GREAT crochet bag, well done :-) My favorite little photo is of Ruby peeking out from under the granny blanket! Have a lovely weekend :-) Josie

  12. Hi Josie,
    thanks so much for your kind words, I know how adorable does ruby look under the crochet blanket! It's good living somewhere cold so all the crochet can come in handy!
    Ill stop by your blog later today!
    Thanks for posting
    Kate :)

  13. too stinkin cute. send some crafty skills my way will ya? :)