Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Latest crochet makings........

I decided I wanted to make some more crochet goodies that could be worn! so I flipped through some old patterns and came across this pattern in the "Woman's Day knitting book"

        Here is the photo of the original pattern and vest, even though it is a picture of a young girl the pattern fitted me as I'm only little luckily!!..............

                   Doesn't it suit the beads!!

Another one of it on me......

As promised the finished orange scarf.......

Someone else trying to keep warm in this freezing frost we are having in Tassie!!...

                                        My baby girl "Ruby"!!

I wanted to show you this gorgeous little notebook from "Lark" that my good friend Allana got me..

Isn't the little gift Tag sooo sweet from "Belle and Boo" Allana always knows where to find the sweet little treasures :) I turned the gift tag into a bookmark by placing a hole in the notebook and tying the gift tag to the hole!  I have used the notebook to record all of my crochet makings in :)

  Now I am off to buy some more wool on sale at Spotty....

             See you in the next post :)


  1. Your vest looks so pretty! Such a cute combination with the beads! I love the orange scarf too, very beautiful! x

  2. Thanks lovestitich for your comments, I'm wearing the vest today! as I was making it the beads came to mind!
    The scarf colour is so bright too, great for a pick me up on a wintery day!
    I love all your makings too, that hat you made recently is fantastic :)

  3. Love these!
    And.....I received your beautiful scarf! I love it tons. The little earring brooch is such a nice touch as well! I'll write more later. Thanks a ton! Let me know when you get mine.

  4. Love the vest and scarf. The beads are great with the vest.