Monday, February 28, 2011

a crochet cape order made......

Well I was very pleased to receive another order for a capelet I had made for a customer who was happy with the first one I had made her :)

                                          Here is the crochet cape I made for a customer......

Here it is in progress.......

  I wanted you to see a close up of the wool with black & silver sparkles....


      I thought I would also share my new little "blogging corner"........

Aunty Christine look at the cushion on the chair, I just love this cushion you made so many years ago, when I look at it it brightens my day :)

 I just love sitting on the sweet little chair that is just like the one my nan had......  

Here is another little corner in my space, it's the retro birdcage my sister got me for my Bday.....

I thought I would show you where the cage sat at first below all my lovely scarves and near my gorg "Daisy Lane" Frankie poster! but being the woman I am, I'm always moving things around!......

    Till next blog where I will show you that orange scarf and how it's coming along as it has sure grown...........

                                                   :) Happy Crafting



  1. Hi Kate, thanks for popping by the other day, nice to meet you! What a pretty capelet in black, so sophisticated. Also like seeing bits of your home. That needlepoint (?) cushion is lovely as is your birdcage. Those are the things that make a home :-) Have a great week! xxJosie
    P.S. Hopefully you'll post photos of your sweet little pup sometime!

  2. So happy you have the cushion I made for Grandma Kate.
    I would have made that 30 years ago!!

  3. Thanks for stopping over my place and the sweet comments. I see you have changed things up a bit hear. The background..I want to get out crayons and make we want to color, so many possibilities. what fun... Your crochet work it beautiful, and I do the the sparkly's in the black yarn..stunning....! your little corner is perfect for walking around the blog....have a great day..

  4. very pretty!!
    thanks for the sweet comments! i'm glad you like my blog and I can tell I will love yours!

  5. Great work Kate, so nice to have customers too who love your work. x

  6. Beautiful! I can see why she ordered another one.