Monday, March 7, 2011

A busy week......

 I can finally post again after lots of internet trouble! have been having a tempremental internet at home, so fingers crossed this post makes it :)

    My boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Hobart for his work and stayed with his parents the nite,on the way down I thought I would take the opportunity to make my aunty this scarf

                        I am sure my aunty will love this and will keep her warm in Launceston :)

I had a great time in Hobart shopping with my sister and nephew and best friend Moira :) and yes I did of course buy wool down there!!!!

On Saturday morning Tom and I headed down to the fantastic local market "The Farmer's Market" at Wivenhoe :) I bought these little goodies......

The 2 bookmarks are for my best friend as she just loves Kimmi dolls and little dogs

Another order down, a hat made for Tom's mate (who just loves my crochet beanies!!!)

           My Tom walking "Ruby" down to the market!! ..................

 We are sooo lucky having the Farmer's Market down the road.....

Here is a gorgeous myrtle table that Tom bought from his favourite stall at the Farmer's Market...
I couldn't resist the Cath Kidston mug on there!!!

                      MY VALENTINE'S SWAP ARRIVED!!!! I LOVE IT SOO MUCH........
Thanks to the lovely Sena from "by the Bluegrass" blog.......

I have alreadey turned this lovely handmade journal from Sena into a creative Crochet Journal!!!!!

and look at this lovely sewn bag with my name on!!! what a treat, thankyou again the lovely Sena :)

and one last pic from the post, the latest bag I am working on!!!!!

I will show you the finished result in the next blog :)

It's good to be back online after my hitch with my internet coverage!!

See you in the next post lovely ladies :) xxx


  1. Gosh you have been busy Kate, they are all beautiful, well done you!

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  3. Lovely post! I love the scarf best but they all are beautiful! Can't wait to see your finished bag, I love it in green too!
    Have a great day Kate!!!

  4. Lovely to live so close to the market Kate.. We have to drive to our nearest market so i don't get there as often as i'd like to. Love the bag with your name on it.. :))

  5. Hey guys,

    Thanks soo much for all your lovely positive comments :) Yes Tina it's great having the market soo close, I'm planning another trip down there when the next one is on, my own stall will appear down there soon too I rekon!
    Thanks for liking the scarf lovestitch, I'm about to post the green bag finished too, be sure to check it out ladies :)

  6. Ahh, I'm happy that you liked it! And, I can't wait to see that green bag!