Monday, March 21, 2011

the weekend that was.....

   The weekend gone was a nice relaxing weekend at home with Tom

            Tom's washing machine came in handy for some felting.....
                                     stars before felting......

                       Stars after the felting in Tom's washing machine drying in the sun....

                                        Next we made some scrummy pumpkin, potatoe and carrot soup........

                           Here are some beautiful organic vegies from the market we cooked with......

                                  Then a game of Simpson's Scrabble ............

                                     yes Tom beat me again at scrabble!!!

                                              Then I made more stars to felt..............

                                       Next I took a few hours to whip up another crochet bag.......
                                 and then Tom helped me felt it in the washing machine, and guess got torn and ripped in the wash. I didn't put it in a pillowslip first though, does anyone think this would've been why it ripped in the wash???? I'd love to hear anyones advice on felting

                                              Till next post


  1. Those stars are sweet Kate!! The soup looks yummy and healthy!
    I noticed the babushka mug on the table!! I love it!! xxx :) Time for a cuppa!

  2. Thanks Moggy, I thought you would like the stars! I'll give you one of them :)
    Yes the soup was scrummy! yeah we love our mugs and cuppas don't we!! next time I'm in Hobart let's do our tradition of buying a mug :)
    I'm gonna have a cuppa now too :)

  3. I'm having a cuppa in my Winnie the Pooh mug!! Patchy and I just went for our morning walk :)

    For sure we will get another mug when you come down - I want a teddy one!!

    I'd better get off the blog before I am late for work haha!!! Have a great day xxx

  4. love your little stars and that soup looks yummy!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend. I love the little stars. Sorry I know nothing about felting.