Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Valley Market...........

I thought I would do a post on the "Lenah Valley Market" which I went to on the weekend while in Hobart.

I couldn't resist a pic of the sign as I found it soo artistic

Feel free to check out the facebook link guys

Of course I had to make a purchase from a lovely stall while I was there, a gorg jacket and this lovely little material brooch in sweet yellow and white polka dots....

 here it is, made by "heartfelt by nina" whose etsy shop can be found by this link

                        Also in the pic is one of her gorg little cards, I just think she uses the sweetest colours, and I know that I will be back at the market again because I had my eye on a bag there!

 Even the back of the sweetest little brooch is perfect!!

And of course this post would somehow have to involve wool wouldn't it!! or it wouldn't be me if it didn't, because wool is never far from my mind!!
  My master plan here is to make a scarf out of this wool in the pic below and then pin it in the middle of the scarf, as I think the two will go very nicely together, do you agree??

  Of course as I was purchasing the lovely brooch I did excitedly tell the seller that I was going to make a crochet scarf to match it, luckily she liked me telling her this and said she was glad!!
Also the chevron scarf is a new bday pressie off a lovely friend, I am loving chevron patterns too at the mo!

 Was good to learn about another new market :)

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  1. love your little find! It'll look cute with the scarf.