Sunday, February 20, 2011

after a weekend of birthday fun and that crochet scarf gift......

  I have had a fantastic 30th Birthday which started last Thursday the 17th Feb, and continued all weekend as I went down to Hobart to celebrate with my in-laws and mum who travelled down with me and my partner on Saturday morning :)
 I must say it was an early start, being up at 6am in the morning to hit the road, it's about a 3half hour drive from Burnie my hometown to Hobart where my inlaws live :)

Here is an amazing painting which Tom's father painted, he is such a talented artist :) I admire this painting sooo much, isn't it sensational :) it sits on the wall in the spare room, what a treat to be able to lie and look at, always a pleasure staying with them

Next I gave Mary (tom's mum) her scarf which as you all know I had been busily trying to finish on the Friday before we left.
  Here is the scarf on me when it was finished

Here it is all wrapped in its pretty ribbon to take down for Tom's mum :)

and here it is in its new home, sitting in the hallway of Tom's parents :)

Next my nephew (sister's son) and her partner came to visit us there and my nephew came in modelling the little rainbow scarf I had made for him

Here it is wrapped...
 and here it is on my nephew of 9 months Memphis, doesn't he look soo handsome!!

here is the scarf on Mary, my mum and mary and I sat all afternoon chatting, laughing and having nice hot cups of tea and bday cake, how could it get any better than that!!

Tom then came home with his new instrument, a bazooki, which he had travelled to Cygnet for which a friend gave him, it is the most beautiful sounding instrument, it is a cross between a mandolin and a guitar I think :)

Then later in the evening we went to Amigos in Hobart for my bday dinner :) was just beautiful as all the family was there, my sister and partner and baby memphis, hannah and tom and Eliza (tom's sister and her family) and tom's parents and Pat our best friend, my best friend Moggy couldn't make it  as she was at a wedding in Melbourne which I was very excited for her to be going to! Moggy made me chocolate cupcakes and left them for me with pat to give me, she is the absolute sweetest friend in the world and I love our friendship ;) here is a little gift she also left for me...

                                        Thanks Moira for the pressie and choccy muffins, I brought some back to Burnie and even had one this morning with a cuppa!

My sister in law got me a gorgeous chemise that had an amzing tag on it, the tag had the name O'Malley on it which is why she bought it as Tom's surname is O'Malley!!!

Have a look....

Here is me opening a beautiful pressie off my sister and her family, it's a birdcage which is very art deco as it's shabby chic and will go in the spare room at Toms!!!!

One more pic of a pressie off Tom, it's my Pandora friendship rings he chose me!!!

I have had a lovely weekend, till next blog :)   


  1. Oh Kate what a lovely blog, I really enjoyed reading it. x

  2. A great read Kate. What a lovely weekend

  3. Found your blog via Lee and just had to find out about that lovely scarf. Off to read more
    Your projects are lovely