Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 blog posts in one day.....

I thought I would go ahead and make it a trio, I suppose why not while I am on a blogging role!!!

I want to give credit to the site which got me started on this curlicue scarf I think that is the right thing to do as she has such a good crochet site and think it's always nice to share great things.

This is a curlicue scarf which pattern I used from "purple goldfish" she has such a good site (I know Lee will enjoy this site,unless you already know it Lee!)

and of course I was travelling in the car on the way back home from Hobart doing the final row of the scarf, where I added a picot edge to my creation so it differed from the original a little, and I ran out of the blue coloured wool!!! I was eager to keep going but had to be patient and put down the hook and wool with all my might!!! then today I scooted into spotlight and go the next ball of wool to finish it off, which I will be doing this evening :) will post the final product as soon as it is done :)

Yes I was supposed to be on a budget and was going into Spotlight for 1 ball of wool (is there such a thing for a wool addict!) when I came across a trolley full of wool right in the middle of the aisle, and the temptation was too great that I was soon scouraging through it digging around looking for my fav wool which has been on special a lot lately "Moda Vera Cupcake" it is just soooo silky and smooth a wool, and just perfect for a lot of my scarves that I have been making :)

Take a close look at all the orange special stickers!!! oh how my heart skips a beat when I see those balls of wool with orange stickers on special!!!!
  and here is my basket of wool starting to overflow, this is just one of the many baskets overflowing at the mo, this just happens to be the one that I am lugging around the house at the mo (yes this basket even got a holiday itself with a trip down to Hobart! )  much to everyone's dismay when they had to share a backseat with a basket of wool sticking in their side!! oh well that's what boyfriends have to endure when they date a yarnaholic!!!!

and this is the new mug that lured me in when the staff at Spotlight handily placed the orange stickered mugs on the counter!!!!  but why not I say, how can we ever have enough mugs to keep topping up when we are passing the hours away with our much loved and adored craft that us creative bloggers so admire.....

  My lovely friend Allana from "High Maintenance Hippy" gave me this lovely book called "the little tea zine"
 it is a great read with tea stories, recipes and a good laugh and lesson on our much loved worldwide tea.

Here is the original blog post by the creator of the book

       Speaking of tea I am off, I think I can hear the jug boiling,

      See you in the next Blog :)


  1. Hi Kate
    I almost fell off my chair when I saw the blue and red wool!
    I thought it was the tea Cosy. However I love the scarf. And the book Alana gave you. So glad the weekend was fun and how about a pic of Toms new bazouiki ? Can't wait to hear it.

  2. Hi Aunty Chris,
    The poor blue tea cosy has been abandoned hasn't it! I promise I will fix it up asap!
    thanks, the scarf is very pretty isn't it. The weekend was so good, nice to have a relax :)
    Tommys new bazouki is in a post towards the bottom of the page, I got very keen today and did 3 posts in one day!!
    Tommy and I are looking forward to coming and staying at the shack and playing music :)

  3. Hi Kate
    You must try my favorite tea!
    French Earl Grey. It is such a beautiful tea. I'm totally into pots of this special blend. Mmmmmmmm I'm off to make a pot and of course to drink from a fine china cup.
    Not sure where you can buy it in Burnie. T42 package it. I also buy it loose from crop lines in Launceston. My favorite tea shop Belles tea house serve it in gorgeous old tea pots. Belle has her tea shop in George town Watch my blog. Il show you Belles tea house.

  4. love your curly Q scarf! And, the colors are very nice too. Gotta check out that little book.