Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest crochet inspiration......

I couldn't help but stop by my favourite newsagents this morning and check out the latest edition of
"Inside Crochet", I sure wasn't disappointed! I now must be known to buy the crochet mags as the girl stated that I will be able to add some more creations to my collection, from which we got chatting on crochet, couldn't get a better morning than that really could you!!
 Here it is........ (I also had to purchase the creative crochet book as I couldn't leave it there!)
                                        Inside Crochet is such a good magazine that I can't rave about it enough!

I came across my favourite new pattern in the mag the "chevron" just take a peek at the beauties you can make.......................
                                                     Chevron beauties

and check out this crochet dress, talk about inspiration...... Isn't it just divine :)

                                       This is what crochet dreams are made of!!!

I also went on a bit of an oppie run today, as the weather is soo nice here in Burnie at the moment that I felt the urge to check out the Salvation Army and Lifeline.....

I came across this beautiful little children's book that it was soo sweet I just had to have it :)
 It has little flaps in it and to my amazement you have to reach in the little flaps and take out the little treasures hiding inside, and alsas the little liftouts are all still in there, how rare is that to find the book in perfect tact??

  check out the sweet little book with flaps and treasures to lift out.....

Check out the little lift-out bunny, isn't this perfect for easter! Now all I need is a baby to read the book to, I am working on this at the mo with the partner as I am veeery clucky at the moment!

While at the Supermarket I came across these cheap retro looking sundae drink cups! they go well with my newly purchased crazy straws don't you think.
 My partner and I will be having homemade smoothies out of these......

Pink for me and blue for Tom!!!                                      

I will leave you with another piece of crochet related post, here is some sorting that I was doing last night, playing around with wool and buttons to decide on my next lot of scarves to create for my Market stall which I am going to take the plunge and do :)

will soon be turned into crochet scarves for the market stall.....

   Till next Blog creation
Kate :)


  1. I really like the look of the smoothie cups :) happy crocheting Kate

  2. Hi....thanks for popping by glad you like the blog
    GOOD LUCK with the stall
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Love your blog! Lots of interesting things to see. xx

  4. I know the feeling of not being able to leave a book behind. I love the crochet dress....wow! Very cute children's book too.

  5. I love that crochet dress. Your scarves look cute with the button in front. I like to knit more than crochet but both are winter sports for me.

  6. Thankyou ladies for all your comments, I appreciate them all.
    Thanks Suz for the luck with the stall Suz :)
    Thanks for the comments too Hazel, I love your blog having just discovered it.
    Yes that crochet dress is amazing isn't it ladies, I'd love to be able to make that!

  7. Sena you are right how could I leave a good book behind!