Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a few scarves made......

After a sad week with my aunty passing away while I was in Hobart, I came back and decided to keep busy with some crochet.

 Here is a little "rainbow scarf" I whipped up in an hour for my nephew Memphis. I got the inspiration for this scarf when I found the little rainbow patch at Spotlight in Hobart :)

I just love how it has turned out, and the inspiration came to me when I was crocheting with the brown wool I was looking at the little sweet rainbow patch and thought why don't I add some rainbow colour to the edges!! It will look soo sweet on my nephew :) 

I made a red scarf for myself, as I hadn't made myself a scarf yet, I was going to do it in the newly favourite stitch of mine the "Rib stitch" when I was browsing online (as I do frequently on the i-phone) and came across a great site with a pattern for a shell stitch scarf, so here it is, I must say that I find the shell stitch very pretty and dainty which is right up my alley :)

  I made this scarf a little bigger than my others, I just love the shell stitching
 Here is a close up which shows the pretty colour better, and the sweet little blue brooch is one that I bought at the Salamanca Market. The brooch was bought from "Ingres' Violin" here is the link  
Ingres' Violin retro badges made in Hobart  you should check it out, she was most appreciative when I bought the brooches :)

    Here are the brooches from Ingres' Violin