Monday, February 14, 2011

a busy few days....

Hi there, yes I have been busy with my crochet obsession!!

 I have had a busy time recently with my aunty passing, and then some friends of mine and Toms came up from Hobart to stay with us for the weekend. We had a great time, on Saturday night the boys had a gig at a local club, the funny thing is that it was a bikie club, Tom hadn't realised this is where it would be and when we arrived he wasn't happy with his friend that he hadn't told him all the details! but it all turned out to be fine, and was very harmless with a comfy couch for us girls to sit on while the boys played their music, the guys that were part of the club even put the heater on for us that nite as it was quite chilly! so all in all it turned out fine, I think Tom was just being protective of me which is nice to know :)

Tom playing at the Bikie Club (and yes he is wearing the crochet beanie I made him!!)

On the Sunday we all went for lunch at Fish Frenzy which has a beautiful view as it sits right on the beach, and has a lovely view. Then my best friend Moira and I did a spot of shopping.
Here is the view at Fish Frenzy.....

Valentines Day.......
  Yesterday was Valentine's Day, I had a nice evening with Tom, when I arrived at his house he had some lovely chocolates all wrapped up for me and some roses on stems that were also made out of choccy!
he took me to Rialto's Restaurant we then went for dinner, a walk on the beach afterwards, Tom had planned for us to go to the movies, but I wanted a quiet nite in snuggling him watching tv!! I love being home :)

and now to some of the latest crochet makings (where would I be if I didn't mention crochet!)

Here is my new laptop!!!!! yay!!!! I mainly wanted it for blogging!!!!! of course I am blogging on it right now as you read this :)
 Here is my latest creation which I havn't decided if I will keep it as a scarf or make it a cowl, it is worked in Chevron stitch which I am just loving using now :)
 Here are the buttons I am deciding between to use, you will have to stay posted to see which ones I choose :)

Here is another project I am working on and have nearly completed, it's a mohair wrap. I thought I would show you the early on pic as it was my first attempt at shell stitch and I just adore it, I would have to say that its my fav stitch now :)

Here is the wrap, it is still in progress and will come out larger when done. I love the way I added the love brooch to it as I think that the gold stands out against the blue mohair wool
I wanted to add here the experimenting I did with "Tunisian Stitch" I wasn't keen on the look of it after I had done it, but am slowly coming around after a few weeks thought on it
  (yes they are my pjamas that the work is sitting on!!)

Here is a close up of the front of the Tunisian stitch work

Can you see how the front of it looks like knitting (those of you experienced crocheters will of course know this) the reason is because tunisian stitch is a cross between crochet and knitting, and if you look closely you can see the difference being all of the stitches on the crochet hook at the one time as usually in crochet there is not that many stitches on the hook at the one time :)
Till the next post where you get to see the finished scarf / Cowl with big chunky buttons

P.S "welcome to my new follower on the blog, Crochet by the sea" this is such a quaint blog with lovely audio on it as the sound of wind chimes :)


  1. Lovely crocheting! Isn't it just wonderful? I'm a true crochet addict. Thank you for becoming a follower and I'm your newest follower. Have a splendid day.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and with such sweet comments...sounds like a lovely valentines day....

  3. I love how the yarn matches your pajamas. I always work in my p.j.'s! Best to be comfortable when creating. Your scarves are coming along nicely! And, congrats on the new laptop.

  4. Hi guys,
    Thanks again for the comments, I hadn't even noticed the pjamas matching the yarn! well spotted Sena!
    The laptop sure is a little beauty, with a lot faster blogging! :)