Saturday, February 26, 2011

an afternoon tea in a real china cup.....

       I knew I would be served tea in a "real china cup" at Dendras..........

I have had a lovely afternoon catching up with a friend who I hadn't been to visit in a while.

I love visiting my friend Dendra as I know she will always make me a pot of tea and serve it in a china cup! she has the most beautiful antique china, and so many beautiful treasures of yesteryear in her little cottage which is called "cam cottage".

Next we all sat chatting about aprons, as my mum had made Dendra a lovely new apron in her fav colour burgundy.

If you want to peek at the apron go to this blog

then Dendra showed me her bedroom that she always arranges so beautifully, I commented that I liked her lovely little couch which happened to have a gorgeous crochet rug on it that she told me her old aunt who was blind and 92 at the time made

   Denra's 92 year old aunt who was blind made this.................

 Here is a close up.........

Next Dendra opened up her antique chest........

Here were some goodies that were inside.....

     Here is one of the latest crochet scarves that I am working on......

Each end of the scarf is going to have some of this new wool I found called "issy" in it.

Till I'm back with another post, hope you all had a good weekend :)


  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting Apples and Pears and for introducing me to your lovely blog! I'm crochet mad too but I'm about to start my first ever quilt!!! Yikes! xx

  2. What a wonderful visit to dendra, an amazing collection not to mention that blanket !
    Always lovely to do tea the right way ;)
    Is your new scarf a rust colour ?

  3. HI Andrea and Lee, thanks for your comments :)

    I love your blog Apples and Pears, good luck with your quilt, I can't wait to see it :)

    Yes Lee it was such a great visit to Dendra who has so many goodies of yesteryear :)
    The new scarf is a bright orange colour, I'll post a better pic showing the colour when it's done :)

  4. Hi Kate, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog and your work, you crochet beautifully... I would really love to follow your blog but i cannot gain access. I have been having major trouble with this and don't know what to do about it unfortunately. I will be checking in to see what you have created though.. :)) Tina :))

  5. A very nice visit by the sound of things Kate.
    Drinking tea from china cups is special and makes us feel good!!
    Il have my china ready for you when you call!!


  6. Hi aunty chris I look forward to that cup of tea! :) xx

  7. Hi kate, sounds like you had a lovely time,Im addicted to tea and must use my china teapot,milk jug and sugar bowl all for me, its my little pleasure .You have a lovely blog

  8. "Having a cup of tea" is so civilized. Dendra's treasures look fascinating and I love your scarf. The extra coloured stripe looks great.

  9. Hi ladies, yes there is nothing like a cup of tea is there :)
    Thanks about the scarf Val, I thought I would do something different with the stripe :)

    Thanks for your comments ladies, always a pleasure to hear from you all :)

  10. I wish we could get Dendra to do a blog, can you imagine the stories? she always has an interesting story or two. :)