Wednesday, February 16, 2011

latest scarf in progress, and the world of blogging....

 I thought I would pop back with another post of the scarf I was working on this afternoon in between helping my mum with her childcare business, we took all the cute little kids in care for a nice walk in the fresh air where they had a good run and search for nature :)

Here is the scarf after a few hours, this is the most complicated scarf I have made so far as it has lots of "clusters" and "decreases" and a large variety to the pattern that it was hard for me to memorise it! I like to try and memorise most of my patterns as I'm going, it adds to the challenge!!

 Here I thought I would add a brooch to the scarf so it would keep me inspired to work faster!

 I just love this true pic in action with the worktools beside the work!!

Here is the picture of how the scarf should look!!
 Stay tuned for the final product :)

 And a big welcome to my blog as followers the lovely "For the love of crochet" and "Suz's Place" (hope these names are correct)  thanks for joining me, I enjoy both of your blogs and crochet work very much, so much talent out there :) I am feeling so inspired by all of these other blogs out there at the moment :)


  1. Its beautiful, love the color.

  2. this is very pretty,press on, it will be lovely, Ilike the color-gorgeous

  3. Ahhh, I love this color of green! Looking forward to seeing the final result. I'm mailing your swap tomorrow. :)

  4. Happy happy birthday Kate
    We love you

  5. Its looking lovely Kate :)) Love the colour too..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following .. Hope the sun is shining in Burnie for you :))

  6. Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments! I can see that the colour green is very popular, good to see!

    :) always appreciate the comments