Thursday, January 27, 2011

A rainbow crochet nappy bag......

Well this morning I put in my granny square earrings and off I went on a mission to hit the oppies in search of old belts in good condition for my new project of crochet bags, I was successful, and found the perfect belt for my sister and her partners baby, both the girls love rainbow, of course because it is a "gay themed" colour!
   The rainbow belt just needed a few adjustments which dad kindly did for me, and I was then off to spotlight for the matching "rainbow colours wool" to match.

  Here is the materials ready to start the nappy bag....

   Arn't these colours so bright and beautiful, it's all the research and obsession with the colour wheel that inspired me to try experimenting with brighter colours.
 I'm glad now that I dug down deep in the basket of belts at my local oppie now, I have learnt to do this with my many oppie hunts, as you should never discard what you can't see, you just never know what could be lurking in the bottom of a basket or container or draw, as in my case it was the perfect find which set me on the road to another project....

Also I wanted to show you all the final finished result of my poncho, even with threads sewn in!
Here it is.....

Also here is another finished project on Mum, here is the scarf I made her....

And another finished project which is the granny square hat I made for my nephew who is 8 months old, I added the pom pom for an even cuter effect!
Until my next post, I'm off for a cuppa and then off to stay at my boyfriends where I'll be sat in front of the tv while I crochet to my heart's content trying to finish off that bag I have started as I can then move onto the nappy bag as soon as that is done.

  Hope you are all good, what are you guys up to this evening????


  1. Love the little hat for your nephew and can't wait to see the little 'nappy'! Is that a bag or a diaper?

  2. Hey sena,
    always good to hear from you. Thanks the little hat suited my nephew well. I'm making him a diaper bag next, so that when they take him out they can put all his diapers and essentials in his bag!