Sunday, January 30, 2011

an enjoyable weekend.....

It was my boyfriend's birthday this weekend, and it was lovely we spent loads of time together cooking, playing scrabble and to top it off a beautiful dinner cooked by my mamma at my parents.

 The birthday cake for Tom topped with Nigella's frosting recipe

 A game of scrabble on the new Simpson's scrabble board game that I found at a great price at a local oppie
Tom beat me hands down at it!!! I plan to take my revenge and whoop him at the next game that we are planning to play tonight, we have become keen scrabble players!!

 Here is the gorgeous ingredients that we used for our potato bake we cooked together, the tomatoes were grown in Tom's hothouse at his University workplace, and he grew the parsley at home, my Tom is a very, very good cook and gardener :)

    Until next post, I am off for another cuppa after a very full stomach from the bday dinner :))


  1. It was so good to spend some time with you and Tom today KATE. PITY I LEFT BEFORE THE SCRUMMY CAKE.

  2. Thanks aunty Christine it was lovely seeing you. The cake was scrummy, nigella sure does good recipes.
    Your photography tip on taking down shots from above really works for me, I've been getting a lot better photos by doing this.
    Kate :)