Friday, January 7, 2011

Latest crochet makings

Here is my latest making for little girls, I am hoping these will sell well at a local market

One of my latest oppie finds was this great little stand, that will come in perfect for selling my Crochet bracelets at a local market.

And here is yet another fantastic oppie find of these golden hands encyclopedias, I was excited to find quite a few of these, I love all the old pictures in them, my friend got me hooked on these books!!!


  1. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for the kind words on the my Chrismtas lights post. I'd love to come to Tassie and visit some festivals there too, maybe one day... :)

    Your crochet pieces are lovely - I need to get on learning how to crochet. I would love to learn.

    xox Festival Girl,

  2. Hi Festival Girl,

    I really need to go through some of your older posts as they are really interesting.
    Yeah Tassie has some good events and festivals, the next one I am going to will be the Tamar Valley Folk Festival in Georgetown Tasmania. My boyfriend's band will be playing there, I will be posting on it very soon.

    Crochet is amazing, I am glad you like my designs, I will soon be posting some crochet tutorials, with detailed photos to assist with crochet learning so stay tuned!!
    Always good to hear from you

  3. Hi Kate
    I'm sitting here in my studio dreaming of my red and blue tea Cosy with buttons.

  4. Dear creative Kate
    I know how sad you are, losing your darling Aunty Jen.
    Jen was always so proud of you and she would want you to keep creating your gorgeous craft work.
    I hope you soon find the creative energy to get stuck into those beautiful yarns.
    We all look forward to your next blog.

  5. Hi Kate
    You made my day today when my lovely red tea Cosy arrived!
    I immediately brewed up a pot of French Earl Grey.
    Thanks so much Kate, I will treasure it.
    I will feature it in a blog soon.