Monday, January 3, 2011


 I am feeling very inspired by Frankie Magazine at the moment, I just love their latest poster which is pictured above..which also happens to be a calendar, as usually you get with the Frankie Mag.
 I decided to make the crochet necklace also out of this month's edition, which is photographed above in my banner on my blog.

 Am feeling like having all my stuff very much around me at the moment (beside the bed at the moment) I think this usually happens when I am in an extra crafty mood, as I want to be able to reach for the crochet hook, wool, Golden Hands book, or tin of buttons on a midnight craft whim.
 Am feeling extremely inspired by craft at the moment, especially late at night (maybe because I know I won't be distracted at night). I love to be able to see all my crafty things, as it reminds me off all the nice goodies I have and all the lucky finds I have been able to come across!! and also it lets me look at all the wonderful recent christmas pressies that I got that were just so darn my pair of adorable purple rose earrings my nephew Memphis chose for me from "What Katie did next!" he did choose very well considering he is only 7 months old!!!!!!!   what a great crafty start he is off to indeed!!!!!!!

Here is my evidence of my latest addiction to wool!! pictures certainly do tell a story as you can see here from the overflowing basket of wool!!!   I feel another oppie shop coming up soon!!!!
will scoot for now, I do feel a midnight blog coming up tonight though..............


  1. Ahhh crafting by night, its my fav too. I love the feeling of seeing something and just feeling so overwhelmed that you need to just make something.

    xox Festival Girl

  2. I know I think night time is when we know we can sit down with all our supplies and draw from our creative minds!

    thanks for writing, hope your week is good