Friday, January 14, 2011

having a good time?

I was lucky enough on my oppie shop yday to find another hidden pile of "Golden Hands" books, I was soo excited that one of the volunteers at the op shop stopped to ask me if I was "having a good time?" which made me laugh because she summed me up as I am most happiest crafting and op shopping!!

Here is an interesting read I just found in one of the other books I found yday on Macrame it is explaining about the "colour wheel"which I am fascinated about because of all the wool I purchase for my crocheting, I am keen to read this and start experimenting more with my wool and start combining the colours more. I am working on a pretty green scarf at the moment which I will post when I am done, a third of the way through I have started combining the lime green wool with some green crochet cotton, it is a very pretty effect indeed, I can't wait to post it when it is done! :)


  1. Oh the Golden hands books are great. I have the full set of hard cover books that I found at a church fair! So cool! I really should check out the crochet in them & make something up to date looking from one. lol

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Yeah they sure are great books, most def you should make somthing in crochet out of them, I'm keen to make a potholder out of one and jazz it up a bit!