Friday, January 14, 2011

Fantastic local Farmer's market

Here is the scarf I am working on at the moment, it got a little difficult in the 3rd row, I had to put it down for a while to have a think as to how to figure it out, but kept at it and will keep the posts updated as it is made....

Also I thought I would share with you one of my book buys today at the Wivenhoe Farmer's Market, the book stall had soo many great craft books that it was hard to tear myself away from there!
I also met a really nice girl with a stall there who was selling screen printing pictures and tees and singlets with really cute screen printed images on them, we got talking and she  was telling me about her screen printing course that she is doing at Burnie Tafe, it got me thinking that maybe this is something I will take up this year and enquire about, sometimes you never know what interesting people you are going to meet, just like on the blogs too I suppose, lately I have met some great people through the blogging world :)

I feel the Farmer's Markets are really going to grow into something big and are changing already, I have made my first step into finding out the price of a stall there, next I am going to make the jump and book a table there and sell some crochet down at the Wivenhoe Farmer's Market, it looks like a great bunch of people make sales there! I am really looking forward to it :)

This is the basket I carried off down the road this morning to the Wivenhoe Farmer's Market.


  1. great colour on your project Kate! Screen printing would be fun - have always wanted to try it too. :)

  2. Thanks Allana,
    I love the green colour too! yeah it'd be good to do the screen printing, not sure if I'll go to Tafe though.
    Hope all good with you :)