Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A crochet find in a handbag!

Well the other day I reach in my handbag for something and happen to pull out a crochet hook!!
This just says it all about my crochet obsession!!!! I am pretty crochet mad at the moment, let alone my wool obsession.....It strikes in a shop when there is wool in sight, I start running towards it!!!!

 I hope you all have a fantastic x-mas, and a safe new year. Happy crafting too!!!!

 I just love the food at xmas, it's not just about the food on xmas day, but there seems to be a tradition with me too cooking heaps before x-mas. There is something about the build up to xmas, it has such a magical power about it :)


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  1. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too Kate! Its beautiful, you are right it really does feel magical xxxxxxxxxx