Saturday, January 22, 2011

Folk festival fun part 2....

Next we headed off to the main office to look for my Aunty who organises the even, we then headed around to the York cove Centre where we were manning the doors for a concer there for the arvo, there was some very pretty music playing there indeed in the arvo, including these guys, gorgeous young musicians from Hobart who were sooo sweet that the next day we decided to buy their cd.
The young girl who leads the band has the prettiest voice, and my favourite song is "paper boats" just beautiful, and to think she wrote this song when she was only 14 years of age is genius.

Here she is playing the fiddle which she sure can play!!

Next my sister arrived at the Festival from Hobart, I was soo glad to see her, here is a pic of the 3 of us, my mum , my younger sister and me!

Here we were sitting at the Pier Hotel Pub enjoying the sunshine and some live music :)

As promised also a picture of my Tom in his beanie!

Me cuddling Tom tightly at the Cafe, I am also modelling my poncho that I recently made! one of my friends mothers put in an order for one in an olive green colour straight away! how exciting to have another customer. One of Tom's mates was so pleased with the beanie that he wants one also, so off to work I go!

Here is a little tea parcel that I bought for my mother in-law (I am not yet married to my partner but I call her this!) I am planning on writing her a letter this afternoon and posting this in with it, I will be letting her know how Tom and his band went with the Festival, of course they were a hit and the crowd very much enjoyed all of their songs!!!!
I am sure my mother in-law Mary will be pleased with this little parcel as I do miss having cups of tea and chats with her :)

 Also of course my trip wouldn't have been complete without my fav love in life some crochet....yes I did sit and crochet at the Festival (mainly because I was having a crochet withdrawal!!) I sat and made mum a little scarf, here is the result so far...

It just needs its trendy 2 black buttons sewn on and wallah it will be fab, I bought the 2 buttons from a little craft shop in the week planning to make this and use them, so perfecto it will all come together.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, I think of all my blogger friends often and can't wait to see all of your creations, I am sure that we all inspire each other, I have met so many of you great guys on here :)

 I am scooting for a cuppa and some more crochet now, will post where the wool takes me next!!!



  1. Hi, It was great to find your mention of the Blue Mosquitoes on your blog as I am the father of Chris, who plays in the band. Hannah and Stuart are his cousins and Moire is a friend. I am so pleased you enjoyed them and hope you also enjoy the CD. Just thought I would point out that they are from Hobart and not the mainland. Your aunt did a fantastic job with the festival and we had a ball. This was our first time at the festival and all my extended family went. I am sure we will all be back again next year.

  2. I too thoroughly enjoyed the festival, and The blue mosquitoes are now my music to sew to! well done them, what talent I am sure they will go far, p.s. Did they find a home for that lost dog????? cheers Judy

  3. Man, you have been busy! I like your poncho and your mom's scarf. Very nice.
    Cheerio! ;)

  4. Thanks Sena!! I have been like a busy bee with crochet lately!!
    I must check your blog out again