Sunday, December 5, 2010

new retro unit!!!!!

 My "workstation" aka the kitchen! I have already done many creations here!!
 My "betty the beater" mixmaster off my beautiful aunty who has cancer, I will always treasure this from her, it was at her gorgeous little farmhouse and she had it for many years
 This beautiful find in a second hand shop made me want to do cartwheels, it is just like my nanna had, I am going to drape a silk dressing gown over it like gretta garbo wouldve done!!!!
I call this the library room!!!!


  1. I'm sorry about your aunt. I love the furry chair, and I remember when they were the height of girly fashion.

  2. Thanks Melinda, yeah the chair is such a fave of mine, it just says girly doesn't it!! :)