Thursday, December 16, 2010

A busy few weeks

 Who says Winter can't be fun when you have a crochet rug and a warm chair or bed to cuddle up onto!!!!!

 I got these gorg christmas baubles at the local RSPCA shop, I have a gold themed xmas tree this year, so these were a perfect oppie find, all I had to do was thread them with some baby wool and wallah they were ready to hang on the xmas tree!!
 The grog little reindeer gingham ornament hanging here is off my besty Moira, she thought it would be perfect for my tree as she knows I'm a big fan of gingham (thanks moggy).
 The brown flower cushion may look like just a cushion but my aunty gave it to me it used to sit on my dear Gmas couch, I was tickled pink to get it :)
 These Granny Squares were my latest creation on my recent trip down to Hobart, I was a passenger in the car for 4 hours, so decided to put my hands to use and crochet, crochet, crochet!!!!!!!
 This gorg little sewing basket was another oppie find, and the little wooden bobbins were another find, I found a perfect use for these when I wrapped some ribbon around them. I just love the pink satin lining of the sewing basket, it was perfect as I was after one of these for ages
Here is a cooking creation in my retro's a Lemon slice which turned out pretty well even if I must say so myself!!! I will soon post the recipe for all you gals to cook yourselves ;0 

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  1. oh look at Ruby and Acac! They are adorable they look so snuggly in their cute blankies!
    Im loving this time of year the tree looks great :-)xxxxxxxxxx