Friday, August 17, 2012

long time between blogs....

                           Pictured above: floral wallpaper my friend Allana gave me to recover my op shop atlas desk that I found last week and had to renovate for all my lovely craft belongings. It was a bargain at $70 down to $40!!  I just knew it had potential sitting in the shop all covered up.

Here is my long awaited blog, it has been far too long! I have been so busy with Siobhan and having the flu recently that I havnt had much time for blogging!

              Tada the finished result, looks so much better than it did :)

 pictured above : my new harido, a lot easier to manage with a baby! notice Siobhan peeking out from my shoulder!!!
 Pictured above: a wooden tackle box as a recent vintage find, I have all my craft tools in it for scrapbooking and card making :) I am very happy with this purchase at $15!!

Here is a corner in our bedroom my new atlas desk and little table with my vintage fold out craft box find....

   Pictured above: a willow australia vintage cake tin find.....

  Pictured above: scrapbooking on Siobhans favourite time bathtime!! I am really enjoying doing scrapbooking again and even better to be able to do it on all my baby girls lovely pics, I find myself always at Harvey Norman printing photos nowadays or at spotlight buying craft supplies!!

Thought I'd leave you with a sweet pic of Tommy asleep after a few night shifts in a row with cuddles from Siobhan, she cried until I sat her with daddy!! she sure is daddys girl :)

My next blog will not take as long I promise,
I'll be back with more vintage finds in Hobart as we are going down to see both our families.
 kate and siobhan xxx


  1. Great to hear your news Kate.
    Sweet baby pics.

  2. Your new haircut is adorable, Kate! And your sweet baby is so precious! What a smile that little girl has! xo Jennifer