Sunday, July 15, 2012

blogging with a baby....

Thought I would add a photo of the 3 of us getting out and about as a family nowadays, I am typing this blog with 1 hand whilst feeding Siobhan a bottle with the other hand!!! multitasking at its best !!!!

We also went for a trip to the local Ridgley Alpaca Farm and Tom bought me both of these large skeins of Alpaca wool, I am very excited to have such a large lot!!! and grateful my parents decided to help out and roll it into balls of 50g just so mucgh easier to make the hats with.

 Tom arranged for us to be able to go in and pat the alpacas on the farm, I cannot describe enough how soft they are, and such lovely animals they stood there contented chewing away!!

 Yes Ive been busy making Siobhan crochet earflap hats!!

  They are coming in so handy at this time of year to warm her little head

Watching mummy cooking in the kitchen! strollers do have many uses to help mums out when they want to get back on with household duties!

              A short blog, but done one handed feeding Siobhan a bottle, ill be back with another blog soon.
                                          kate xxx


  1. Just noticed your beautiful baby. Congratulations.

  2. what a great blog kate, and multi tasking is a must for mums, I love the hats, very clever, Siobhan looks adorable in them :)

  3. So gorgeous Kate, well done! Love all her gorgeous handmade treasures, quilt, bibs, beanies.... lucky baby girl :)
    Your alpaca adventure sounds great, how fun and that wall is gorgeous :)

  4. Wow thats a lot of wool I bet you will go through it in no time! I love the little hats you have been making for Siobhan, too cute. xx

  5. Great to see your little family out and about Kate.
    The wool sounds wonderful.
    Love chris

  6. Sweet photos, Kate! Your baby girl looks so sweet in the little hats you've made her. I'm so glad we can hear from you again, even if it is one-handed! ;-) xo Jennifer