Friday, May 18, 2012

Home is where the heart is....

I thought this pic of of a sign that sits on our mantlepiece fitting for a sneak peek on a post of our new "home"...

One of my favourite spots in our home, a sepia photo of Tom and I holding my belly, this is very special to me, even more special as we got my mum to do the photography, she did a good job didn't she!! I will always treasure this, I look at it everyday when I walk past it in our hallway.

I call this our hallway of photos, very special photos to me sit here, it is a work in progress, I think it's a good way to welcome  people into a home with photos showing loved ones. there are more people to add to it, and like women like to usually do change things and swap them around to improve them! can't see the harm in some newly purchased photo frames can you!

I couldn't resist a pic on our retro bathroom! I just love the colour and style, some mightn't but we love it!!! the bath is divine and oh so deep (which is a MUST for me as I could practically live in the bath!!)

My Cath Kidston shower cap off a special friend has a home on the bathtub!! might have to make a purchase of some Cath Kidston goodies for the bathroom as they bring so much colour to it!

Before the mantle was totally organised, but I thought I'd include a pic for you to see!

Another special corner, this spinning wheel belonged to my late aunty, she was a whiz at spinning wool and I can't wait to be able to use it, as inspiration I sat some wool there ready to be used in spinning that Tom bought for me months ago, they are such beautiful looking tools the spinning wheel, somtimes I lay on the couch looking at it dreaming up beautiful coloured wool being spun!

great to make a place a home! excuse tom's work shirt hanging to the right of pic!

A snippet of the art deco kitchen! excuse any mess, had to share a pic!

I just love this black and white pic of my Grandma Elsie, she lools so beautiful here, the frame is very special to me as my grandad had the exact same pic sat in the frame, my mum had bought it for him as a present and he always treasured it so I do the same, women looked so beautiful in wartime didn't they. Beside it sits some freshly picked daffodils from our front garden, it's such a great garden with many roses with such a pretty scent that wafts past you as you go up the steps to the door.

I'll leave you with a pic of how my scarf is going, thought I'd make it as a short scarf as this cold weather is making me want to hurry and finish it and wear it out! excuse the ends hanging down, it will soon be neatened up!

                                                                    Happy blogging ladies!


  1. Hi Kate! I LOVE your new bathroom and kitchen--what retro fun! I posted about the blog award you gave me, and you are mentioned with a link back here--hope you like! :-D Jennifer

  2. The house is looking great Kate, not long now till Baby O makes an entrance, lovely photo's on display too. xx

  3. Your home is looking lovely and welcoming Kate. How great that you are getting a chance to settle in to your home just in time :)

  4. Can't wait to come fr a cuppa Kate. Looks great

  5. I love your bathroom and kitchen!! Congratulations on your new baby arriving soon. xx

  6. Hello Kate
    Hope all is going well with new baby.
    Hoping you will find time to blog and show us your gorgeous girl!!
    Aunty Chris