Tuesday, May 8, 2012

another suiting suitcase find....

I have an addiction to buying old suitcases! so when I saw this beauty in the local oppie the other day I fell in love with it! I did leave it there, and on the off chances hoped that it would still be there when I went back, which it was at $1.00!!! what a bragain as it is in great condition and closes and opens perfectly too! it's a cheney England one too!

I have packed a few of the dolls in there ready for the moving of baby things to the new home tomorrow, sitting in there is a china doll that belonged to my grandma Elsie, the china doll is in the blue dress and is in beautiful condition. I did also happen to buy a dolls Tas Oak cradle at the same oppie today and plan to put the extra special dolls in there!! I will show you the photos of this in the next post as it's currently sitting in the car ready to also be moved tomorrow, the cradle was reduced down from $25 to $12!!! It was meant to be as it was sitting there last week and I left it there, it didn't leave my mind and I hoped it would still be there!!

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day here in Tassie, that I couldn't miss the opportunity to sit in the sun and do some knitting, am making a scarf at the moment to get back into the knitting habit, and plan to try and knit a baby hat next! and then maybe take on some easy soft knitted toy patterns.
someone also enjoying the sun out on my parents deck yesterday!

These gorgeous vintage sheets were given to me by my granny yesterday! she had them in some of her cupboards a while! we sat out in the sun admiring them!

Look at another set of cot sheets she gave me with little dogs and kittens on them!

A friend has loaned me this wonderful array of books on food alergys and lactose-free cooking and gluten free cooking as since the Gestational Diabetes and adjusting my diet I have never felt so good, so I am going to make sure that I keep on with my altered diets to feel so much more energetic!!

                                         Tomorrow is when we pick up our new house keys!! I am so excited and have my car loaded with nursery goodies already!  I can't wait to share some great pics of our new home over the coming weekend!

                                                          Till next blog with moving pics
                                                                 Kate xxxx


  1. Great finds, Kate! I love the sheets your granny gave you too! Oh, how exciting about tomorrow! Have fun! :-) Jennifer

  2. SO much to congratulate you on! First congratulation and good luck with your pregnancy - I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy, (which is the same as gestational diabetes I think) and all was totally fine - it disappeared as soon as my son was born, and I didn't get it again, even though my second pregnancy was twins! Secondly good luck with the move.
    LOVE you vintage finds. The case is great, and the retro bedding from your granny is perfect. Lovely blog - delighted to have found you. Will definitely be back to see how you get on - in the mean time - Best of luck with it all from here in the UK! Paula x

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