Friday, June 17, 2011

latest goings on.....

Here is the little embroidery that I had done a little while back, I decided to iron it so it looked crisp and clean and then was able to be framed ready to put in the spare bedroom........
              The little crochet rose has been in the spare room for a little while now and sits on top of a doiley that I found at an op shop
        Today I found some good makeup on sale, Australis I think is the best makeup around
          Here is my favourite makeup purse that is Catherine manuell, she is an Australian Designer who has really beautiful products with such pretty patterns

               Here is a new bedcover that I got on sale last weekend, I love the colours

             Here is a pic of the open fire we have been having lately, there is nothing better than an open fire

                 here is some inspiration in a vintage apron that I came across online, I love the colours

     Here is a crochet collar that I made, it started out as a beret but wasn't suiting the style so I was starting to unpick it and moved the shape aound until I came up with the idea to leave it and turn it into a collar to wear and pin it with the sweet little butterfly brooch. It matches my latest new cardigan perfectly too

         Here is a close up of the crochet collar and brooch, the wool is heavy so it sits perfectly as a collar


  1. I haven't tried Australis makeup yet. I hate trying to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. They should have a photo machine that takes a photo of your skin, then tells you which colour to use. No guessing.

  2. Lovely crochet collar Kate, it will look lovely under a wintery coat. :)

  3. Great to get caught up with you Kate! Looks like you've been having fun! Yay!

  4. I'm having problems with messages Kate.
    Thought I'd left a message the other day!!
    Lovely post. Thanks for the make up tip.