Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ribbed scarves ready for the winter......

 I am back after a few days of busy scarf making, I hope you have all been good and busy yourselves this week?
  I found some nice new crochet patterns for ribbed scarves, I hadn't been able to do this before until now, and am loving the look of the ribbed effect. I can't wait to experiment with some great new textures and colours, hopefully finding these after my trip to Spotlight this afternoon. I want to get into scarf making in a big way and sell them. I will also be hunting for new patterns over the weekend.even though my weekend will be quite busy with a trip to Hobart with Tom, we are heading dwn tomorrow (Friday 4th) and staying at his parent's house which will be lovely, they have a beautiful home with lots of character and some great artwork on the walls as Tom's dad is a well known artist, I love looking at the pictures on the wall.

I am very excited as we will be having a bbq on saturday afternoon and I get to see my sister and her partner and their baby boy Memphis! I can't wait for a cuddle.
We will also be going to Salamanca Market early saturday morning, this is a very well know Tasmanian market with beautiful arts and crafts :) We will also be going to the Museum of Old and New Art which has just opened down there, and Tom is very excited to be checking this out, I can't wait to get back and share with you guys what exhibiton is on :)

 Check out the scarves.......

 This is a scarf I made for my mum in a gorgeous orange colour it is very soft silky wool too, just lovely to wear around the neck

 Here is a scarf I worked on for my nephew Finn, he is a gorgeous little boy who loves cars and trucks, so when I came across the truck patch I just had to have it for him and quickly got to work matching the wool to the patch.
 As the scarf grew......

 And wallah a final product ready to send to my nephew :)

  Here is another scarf I made with a cute cherry patch on it, I am thinking of making a matching hat with a cherry. I would do custom scarves with patchs on request if anyone is interested????

Until next post, I am sure I will be packing my crochet hook and wool for my trip to Hobart, I am planning to start another beautiful poncho in blue mohair while down in Hobart........

 Happy weekend and creating to all of you :))


  1. Sounds like exciting things are happening and I love your scarves, well done!

  2. Hey allana,
    thanks, sorry I havnt been in touch this week the days seem to be going so fast!
    We must catch up soon though, I still have those knitting books for you :)
    hi to Ella, I will have a little bday pressie for her.

  3. those are cute scarves! I love the added patches