Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little taste of my crochet

Here is a close up of one of my crochet bracelets that I make and sell ( if anyone wants to order one in a specific colour or button colour or size and shape then just let me know

Here is my latest crochet bag that I have made, I made it with very good quality wool, and my mum lines them with very modern material (this is one that she decided to buy off me!)

Here is my 3 crochet bags that I have made,
From left to right:    Mum's bag, my bag, the spotty crochet bag on the far right is currently for sale on Etsy

This bag is for sale here on Etsy :)


  1. great idea for those bags kate !
    alway a handy item you can get away with having a lot of ;)

  2. so so true indeed! I am an addicted bag maker!!
    Thanks for joining me, I will check your blog out this evening! :)