Thursday, January 20, 2011

A busy couple of days before the Georgetown Folk Festival.....

On a sunny day in the week I decided to do a spot of Crochet in the garden, was so nice crocheting with a change of scenery and I think the peace and quiet spurred me on even more to get my project done quicker.

 Here I sat down to crochet my 8 month old nephew "Memphis" a Granny Square ear-flap hat.

Here I had the wool all ready to start the hat, the material I chose this day from spotlight, the material will be used to back a matching scarf.

The album I love, I created it this day when I bought it from the oppie as an old photo album and stuck a crochet picture on the front, I just love the colour of the album.

 Here is the finished hat for my nephew, I can't wait for him to wear this in the winter time

I just love the colours and the style of the earflap hat!!!! I am very pleased with how it turned out :)

   Here is another nephew of mine (my partner's nephew) Finn, he is over from the mainland with his Mum, my partner and I met him and his mum at the park, we had a lovely time and were very lucky that it was such a sunny day too.

This is one of my favourite pics, my partner Tom holding Finn so he can reach some balloons that some children had up for a party at the Burnie at the Burnie Park

Here is the earflap hat that I am making for my Tom, it is a plain beannie pattern that I am crocheting and it will have ear-flaps that I will attach. I bought the wool yday on sale, the blue bobbly wool, I thought it would make a modern touch to the pattern. :)
So that was my week, I am gearing up for the Georgetown Folk Festival tomorrow, My boyfriend will be playing at the "York Cove Centre" I am sooo excited to be checking out the little town and going to some gorgeous tea shops and craft shops, stay posted as I will have some great pics from the event when I get back. I am planning to take my large lens and Nikon Camera :)

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