Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oppie plans for today

Hi all,

I am off soon for an oppie hunt with a friend!!! I have just baked a zesty orange cake ready to have with chai tea soon!

I am soo excited about my oppie hunt coming up, I have planned to see if a retro yellow tupperware container is still there for $4.00, fingers crossed, there is something about tupperware for me at the mo!

Will update my blog when I have my finds!!!!


  1. Had a great time Kate - Thanks!! Missed out on that zesty Orange cake though!! My favourite, and we didn't get to up-town :( x

  2. I have some updated news on uptown that I'm not sure if you know, they are moving out to Round Hill!!! yay, I can see us scooting out there together!!
    zesty cake next week with a chai tea!!!
    mmmm as homer simpson would say!!