Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday- getting out the old suitcase and a beatrix potter oppie find

Here I got down my large suitcase from on top of the wardrobe, as it was just gathering dust!!
I love putting it to use, especially now that I am into the soft toy making!!!
I gave my two latest new toys a home!!
The purple doll I got from a beautiful old fashioned toy store in Salamanca last year!!!! the shop has all these little miniature dolls house furniture stuff too that I fell in love with (things like this make me glad the bf is from Hobart!!).

In this picture here, at the back of the suitcase, the large beatrix potter book I got today at an oppie!!!! was extremely chuffed as I collect Beatrix Potter gear!!! I just loooove Peter Rabbit!!
The mini black bear is one that I got with Moira at the doll and bear fair in Hobart to raise money for the poor dancing bears..................the little pink cat raised money for breast cancer, such a good idea when the soft toys raise money for charity :)

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