Monday, June 7, 2010

Old children's typewriter I found years ago in an oppie!

Here is an old children's typewriter that I found in a local op shop a while ago, it was really dirty and dusty when I found it, but alas I saw potential!!!! It came in a case in perfect condition too! double find :-)


  1. That was a great find Kate! I love it :)

  2. I thought you would love it, guess was from the Ulverstone Mission shop, the one near the highway, somehwere out the back of Ulverstone (I'm not crash hot with directions!).

    when I got it out it reminded me of that oppie trip we should still take at Ulvy, cause all the good little oppies are out the back of Ulvy!
    I'm loving hunting for material at the mo :-)

  3. hey kate, thanks for the reminder - i bought a typewriter for maggie a while ago and stashed it away until she was old enough....hmmm now, where did i put it? great blog. have fun x

  4. Hey Claire,

    Yeah it's great isn't it when we all remind each other of little treasures that we have stashed away!!
    I hope Maggie enjoys her typewriter, she is adorable!!