Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My latest creations-tablecloth and soft toy :-0

Here is my little fav creation that I have made in a while, she is made from a little girls dress that I found in the Oppie down the lane! I loved the material in the dress sooo much that I had to go back for it the next day.
Her legs and arms and face are made from an old sheet that I found at an oppie, I knew that the pale colour of teh sheet would be perfect contrast to the dark colour of her body.
I love her soo much, it is the first stuffed toy that I have made in a loooong time, and just made her up. I can't wait to make some more.
My next plan is to make some out of old blankets and try felting the blanket!!!!!
I am hoping to talk with a friend about sometime in the near future us having a market stall together, I am super excited about this and think the two of us would have a great little market stall.......

Here is a tablecloth that I found freshly washed at an oppie, it is in really crisp condition, and I had to have it. I cut some squares from an old pillowslip and handstitched them onto it, it was meant to be a present for someone (but I just couldn't part with it and decided to put it on my old cupboard that belonged to my grandmother, I think the two go together.


  1. That is the darn cutest little sofite I've seen. Almost squeal worthy, hehe. Also how pretty is your pink lamp!! Do want that too x

  2. Thanks heaps!
    I really enjoyed making the little softie!
    The lamp was on sale at Kmart for $5.00!

  3. the lamp shade was $5.00, the lamp was from an oppie!!!