Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new cushions and table mats!

It may seem funny, but I am very excited about these table mats and little green cushions that I got on sale at Kmart in Hobart!
It goes with the grunge little table we got that time a little while ago!
Now I am scheming up all the gorg little red and green things that I can buy at the oppies to match my new red decor!! Of course this is the BF's flat I am taking over (go girl!), he will soon see that I have his best interests at heart! a girl has gotta have a place she can show some creativity!
I have a friend coming up to Burnie from Hobart this weekend and I plan to handstitch some little face washers and place them on her pillow with some gorg little old fashioned soaps I scored on sale at a local pharmacy today!
In between studies at the mo I am aiming to make a couple of friends some little bags with my felt left over!!
happy creativity for now

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